Shamanism, although hidden behind new names and buried beneath layers of culture, is still a vibrant force in many parts of the western world.


Gabrielle O Laden

An educator, artist, and healer, Gabrielle is dedicated to promoting aliveness and well being, creative solutions and higher consciousness.  She has been designing and presenting extraordinary growth experiences for women and girls since 1971 when she pioneered nationally acclaimed classes for adolescent girls in self-esteem, gender awareness and personal development. In the late 80’s and 90’s her ”Integral Woman”, “My Body My Friend” and the “Goddess Within” workshops focused on feminine spirituality, intuitive development, transformation and creativity.  She has been in private practice as a holistic healer and massage therapist since 1986. Gabrielle has specialized in personal transformation through body/mind centered spiritual growth and healing through the use of body/mind therapies, music, movement and the arts to change consciousness from within. In 2003 she co-founded Sound Accord Alchemical Healing ~ dedicated to excellence in Sound Healing education for everyone, personal transformation, and the furthering of higher consciousness.

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