Fabuloso! I'm always a fan of no-bullshit teachers.

Paloma Martinez Bellido   London, England
It's amazing how the work that I did with you still remains with me. I didn't realized when I did the retreat but it has been surely a changing point in my life, so many learnings from that workshop... and the first time I worked with ancestors. I think it has been one of the most powerful works that I have done and I think I will be always extremelly grateful towards you.

Jim & Annie Compton-Schmidt  
Fresno, California
I may never join you again in your wonderful work but I can tell you that knowing you and this way of getting to non ordinary states of consciousness experiences changed my life and I believe in what this is all about....once you came to Fresno and worked with us here in the central valley....you will not be forgotten.

Luisa Pereira
  Lisbon, Portugal
The work of Wilbert is for me, since the first time I did it, about reaching the deepest in myself and touching, healing and allowing my soul to be revealed in a way I had never experienced before. For me it is a work of expansion, transformation, healing and opening towards the Essence... It was for sure more than once a motor for turning points in my life. I really recommend this work by it´s Truth, Humanity and Healing Power."

Carolee Carson   Ontario, Canada
Its been a couple of days and I'm still enjoying the benefits of the Dynamic Mythology Experience Retreat in Ontario (Canada). So much to learn and absorb! You are a fascinating teacher, a very engaging speaker. And the topic was totally captivating. Definitely left me with a desire for MORE!

Patricia Eschuk   Winnipeg, Canada
Wilbert is very real!... which has given me a deep respect. Tremendous heart & depth that I have yet to know. Resonates with much of my past teachings at the Barbara Brennan School but with a different language & depth. Very knowledgable & wise. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my heart.

Helena Petrovic   Pula, Croatia
It is not always easy having you as a teacher but what I learn about myself is so deep and beneficial to my soul that I want to come back again and again.

Willi Messer
   Vienna, Austria
Eindrücke zum Leiter dieses Workshops: Also,ich würd` mal so sagen: very nice guy, authentic, sensitive man, humorous story-teller, mystical man, powerful guide, big Daddy, great human being. I like him. Thank you man!!!

Rihab Sawah   Columbia, Missouri
Wilbert Alix words spoke directly to my soul. His energy guided me to trust my own experiences, which lead to a physical healing in my body that was unprecedented. He is a warm, gentle and genuine man, whose sincere approach helped guide me through wonderful journeys in the workshop.

Maryse (Naga) Thuot   Nova Scotia, Canada
The one month I have passed with Wilbert in Hawaii has changed me right at the very core of my being. My journey with him allowed my mind to surrender and my soul to roam free into the dream land where everything that was, is and will be mingle as one infinite creative potential. Into the mystical field of darkness, I have found the light within.

Barb Wison
  Victoria, B.C.
I have more new friends and meaningful relationships than perhaps at any stage of life up until now, and the connections are not digital or facebook. Wilbert, it has been your mentoring that has given me this freedom to connect and to use my networking skills and charismatic inheritance to enjoy life. Pleasure! May I risk saying that you have opened a new way of thinking and relating and suggested a new ethical platform, as well as an intellectual direction. Life is connected in a timeless way. Deep gratitude.

Jim Compton-Schmidt   Fresno, California
I have been experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness work for over ten years now, mostly thru Grof Holotropic Breathwork and Native American sweat lodge. About three years ago I attended my first Trance Dance workshop. Trance Dance takes me to a wonderful healing place. I especially enjoy the way Wilbert presents this work, with such wonderful insights and clarity. I find the conduct of these workshops to be very professional and well organized. I feel so strongly about Wilbert and his work that I have organized one of his workshops in my own community and invited many of the people who do breath work with me to come and dance...it was well received in my community. Whenever possible i find my way into the company of Wilbert Alix at his work with Trance Dance. This is healing work and it is work that needs to be included in any discussion of spiritual practice.

Alyssa McDonald
  New York City, New York
I know I've said this before but I feel so amazing. I just have to share it with you because you were/are a part of this process. The place where I am right now, I never knew I could get here. In every moment there is a new discovery. The person I am today is so different than a month ago. I have peace. My awareness of self is so heightened. I see myself so clearly. I am seeing the truth in myself, catching myself in lies and everything....LOL. I'm not reacting to everything. I recognize that whatever other people choose to say or do has nothing to do with me and therefore there is no need to react. The fears I once held are becoming less and less. I'm learning about what love is, how it feels and what it looks like. As I read my affirmations today, I truly began to ponder this direction that I am heading. God has big plans for me. This is all preparation for a greater work I will do in the future. I know I'm here to help people but its in a greater capacity than what I am doing right now. I'm so excited to see how things unfold. Thank you so much again for everything. Thanks for being a part of my life, my process. I pray for continued blessings over your life and purpose. Love

Mark Hammond
   London, UK
It was an amazing retreat i loved it and felt i gained so much. I felt that Wilbert was a very calm, experienced, gentle and truly powerful teacher, I would recommend the TranceDance retreats to anyone with a true love for shamanic culture and an open heart.

Julia Ray   Toronto, Canada
You are a person who speaks the language of my heart. I love the alchemy of your knowledge, experience, your perspective and insights, the work you shared and do and most of all your presence, openness, transparency, wisdom...soulfulness that is so evident. I love the fact that you're a big black tribal man whose holds space like Shiva so Shakti can play and create universes. Thank you for dedicating your life to the cause and in service....there is but a few of you!

Anita Edwards
   Austin, Texas
Wilbert, the instruction you provided was thorough, and your knowledge of music, music history, dance, and spiritual ritual was inspiring. I feel well equipped to present Trance Dance.

Penny Broderick
   Boise, Idaho
I have taken multiple seminars facilitated by Wilbert Alix . His wisdom and experience has added a richness to my life that I will always hold sacred. His broad viewpoints never cease to catch me off guard, putting me in the perfect place to see life from a new and different perspective.

Carrie Stasinowsky   Austin, Texas
Wilbert Alix is an intuitive, intelligent and spiritual teacher. The passion he shows through his work...his sense of humor and honest communication made the group discussions and learning experiences very illuminating. Wilbert continues to be an inspiration and support system for me... which is priceless.

Maya Goodson   Austin, Texas
Everytime I work with Wilbert Alix I am impressed with his intuitive observations of human nature. He is a perceptive and insightful guide with a sharp mind, compassionate heart and delightful sense of humor. I always enjoy any opportunity to work with or participate in Wilbert's retreats or trainings.

Marcia Babcock 
  Boulder, Colorado
I might not have said so before, I think you're just phenomenal, wonderful. You're very authentic, wise, and willing to share what you know. Each time I've listened to you talk, I learn something new, and the insights keep coming for days into weeks afterword. You have a wonderful gift and I'm so happy that you are willing to share this with myself and others!

Phyllis Hobkirk
   Austin, Texas
Wilbert is a true teacher in every sense of the word. His words are meaningful and his stories carry many messages. He listens with every cell in his body. I have learned much from his integrity and look forward to my next program with Wilbert as our guide.

Alan Allred
   Austin, Texas
Wilbert's medical background, along with his extensive background in shamanism & shamanic cultures allows him a unique wholistic perspective from which to present his spiritual teachings. This along with his warmth and sense of humor (for me) is a perfect mixture that creates a rich and wondeful journey into personal growth.

Bill Kenworthy   Okanogan, Washington
Wilbert Alix is a gentle giant who's teachings are based solidly on science and experience. Wilbert knows when to offer a kernel of his wisdom and when to leave it to you to find your truth. I found Wilbert to be a shining example of a shaman who works his magic while simultaneoulsy allowing it to work on you.

Brenden Mc Kinney 
  Cheyenne, Wyoming
I have participated in a number of Wilbert's workshops. His skills in leading groups and individuals to new levels of awareness and behavior is remarkable. His creativity is stumulating and he is able to facilitate personal and group process in a way that people find exciting and permanently beneficial. I highly recommend to anyone interested in personal or professional growth to attend one of his workshop.

Nancy Eller
   Frederick, Maryland
Wilbert is quite delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed his intelligent and very genuine sharing - I was surprised at how easily I can relate to his perspective on some aspects of Western "civilization" as we know it (or lack thereof) and I love the fact that this weekend did not end up feeling "too New Age" to me!! Thank you

David Mills
   Sedona, Arizona
What I have experienced this past weekend cannot be described with words, it is only felt at the deepest level by every fiber of my being. It literally blew my mind and I have never experienced anything to that depth. Wilbert, you are the real deal and I truly and deeply thank you from the entirety of my heart and soul. I honor you and your teachings and I am blessed for walking, if only briefly, with you on my journey.

Rihab Sawah   Columbia, Missouri
I've been thinking about you a lot lately when I got your email. I was telling someone about you and your workshops approach yesterday.  You left a deep mark on my soul unlike any other soul I have encountered in this earlthy existence.  The awareness I have through the work you've guided me through has a long lasting effect that keeps multiplying years after the initial experience.

Tim Gross
   Sedona, Arizona
Wilbert is a very grounded intelligent man walking his talk!

Julia Ponce
   Omaha, Nebraska
Wilbert combines humor, wisdom and his wonderful energy which certainly makes the experience so powerful. It's really been beyond words - but I feel profound openings and unfoldings for which I'm most grateful.

Hillary Moore   Temecula, California
I feel really comfortable and moved by Wilbert. His approach to this adventure is unique and keeps me interested. I hope to some day work with him again. Thank you for the ride.

Jen Valencia   Sedona, Arizona
Wilbert is very knowledgeable, insightful and has great command of the group. He is a true leader.

Ross Hamlin   Santa Fe, New Mexico
Great to listen to... easy to trust... big ass heart!

Mary Anderson
   Seattle, Washington
I would want Wilbert on my team if I was playing Trivial Pursuit! There is so much valuable information in that brain of his. I learned so much. Wilbert, you hold a very safe space for Transformation. Thank you... and we must have you do your work in Seattle.

Katie Elliott
   Boulder, Colorado
Fabuloso! I'm always a fan of no-bullshit teachers.

Michael Wasmer 
  Minturn, Colorado
Wilbert is powerful , clear and wise. His delivery of the science and understanding of TranceDance and shamanism is secondary only to his facilitation of this deep and transformational process. Thank you Wilbert!

Kyle Wagner
   Nelson, British Columbia
Wilbert is incredible. So much of what he says really hit home with me. His humor brings a new dimension to spiritual teaching. Thank you so much.