Far too often we are outside our bodies. To be conscious Spirit must fill our bodies. TranceDance is an invitation to Spirit to embody us.

United Kingdom

Vicky Heskin (2008)

I have been actively exploring my inner reality and the world of energy since 1993 when I first discovered Tai Qi and Qi Gung. This instigated huge lifestyle changes resulting in a period of traveling... leaving behind a lifestyle detrimental to my well being and 'to find myself'. My journey began in Alentejo, Portugal where I isolated myself on an organic farm working for my food and accommodation.  Here supported by the raw and powerful nature and the lack of distractions I began a journey into dark and fearful places deep within myself. It was such an intense period of discovery and clearing and along with each encounter I  began to feel ever more alive. Once stronger and after a time spent traveling with a group of Portuguese buskers I decided to go to India, for more soul searching. Here I spent 6 months, mostly in Tibetan colonies, teaching English, studying, meditating and spent 1 month on retreat in a cave in the foothills of the Himalayas. On my return to Europe, amongst other things, I spent 2 years living in a Tibetan Buddhist Centre, 3 and a half months in Thich Nhat Hanh's community (Plum Village), trained as a shiatsu practitioner and engaged in care/support work with the elderly and vulnerable adults. Through personal experience and observation of others I became acutely aware of how powerful the subconscious (shadow) is and how much havoc it can cause when there is an absence of awareness. 

I first encountered The Trance Dance Experience in 2004 and it had such a profound affect upon me, allowing me to explore deeper the spiritual understanding I had begun to embrace.  I found it to be such a respectful, powerful and deeply transformative way of penetrating the shadow and an exciting and passionate way of embracing my spirituality as a whole.  After a series of rituals/retreats I did my Trance Dance Facilitator Training in Hawaii, Spring 2008 and now facilitate Trance Dance rituals in various venues within the UK.