No emotion, any more than a wave, can long retain its own individual form.


Phyllis Lejeune (1999)

I was born a Cajun and was raised in the swamps of Louisiana.  I landed in Austin, Texas in 1992. In 1997 several occurrences converged to awaken my spirit to new levels. Tai chi and yoga classes became a routine for me. Then, a traumatic shift in a relationship  happened. In my mind, it was the worst possible news that  could have revealed itself. I was consumed  by six weeks of crying and lamenting over the situation. Then in July 1997 Trance Dance found me and my spirit immediately began to  calm and became aware of possibilities for the future. Within two months of beginning this amazing dance experience, I had made a complete  transformation, even embraced the huge changes that had seemed insurmountable prior to the dances that I attended.

For me TranceDance is where time, emotion and imagination simultaneously disappear and converge to create an experience unlike any other realm. Whether I am dancing behind a bandanna or facilitating others in their ritual I feel  fully alive and connected to the universe. I am definitely on a quest to explore myself and empower others to unveil their authentic selves while walking a creative path.