The end depends upon the beginning


Gerry Starnes (2000)

Gerry Starnes, began his career journey in 1977 when, after earning a M.Ed. in School Psychology, he became a counselor working primarily with young adult male schizophrenics and young people at serious risk for self-injury and elopement. Under the direction and on-going training of psychiatrists and psychologists, he witnessed the effects of both the standard medical model of treatment, as well as the new models of holistic medicine then emerging. Something within him began to question the concept of healing.

The thirty years since then have been something of a quest, as he has explored ways to manifest his conviction that there was, in fact, a mode of healing that could address the needs of Western society on a level that was accessible to everyone. Trusting his intuition to guide him; he found himself following a serpentine route that lead him through many teachings and traditions. Along the way he began to sense that however different they might seem, they shared a common organic connection or grounding.

In 1996, Gerry put his growing experience and knowledge into a new approach: developing Internal Dialog using journal writing as a vehicle. The Conversations Within Workshop ( presented this approach to a world-wide audience. He also augmented and supported this material by creating and presenting Journal workshops.

Over the next few years, he also developed a series of workshops called Being Limitless, which further explored the energetic nature of “BE-ing,” and was based on previous work with such varied influences as Francisco Cole, Barbara Joy, Barbara Brennan, aikido (he holds a black belt in shin shin toitsu aikido) and other energetic healing modalities.

From 1999 through 2002, Gerry studied and practiced what is often referred to as shamanic channeling. During that period, he produced a number of far-reaching session transcripts, several of which are included in the Archives section of this website.

In 2000, he completed TranceDance facilitator training under Wilbert Alix, then Director of The Natale Institute in America, and found a dramatically deeper connection with contemporary shamanism, as well as a vehicle for work that matched his own values. He is now among the most active TranceDance facilitators in the world.

In 2005, Gerry became the Executive Director of the Ravens Grove Foundation for Healing, which he also helped to establish. This not for profit organization focuses on the application of shamanic complementary techniques to the issue of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A most important focus is on the effects of trauma on soldiers returning from war, as well as other trauma from sexual abuse, institutional abuse, and natural disasters..

Gerry currently offers classes, workshops and retreats statewide based on contemporary shamanic and more traditional personal development practices.

And the journey continues…

Urban Shamanism - Article by Gerry Starnes