Things are the physical aspects of thoughts and thoughts are the mental aspects of things...

Spiritual Psychology

What is Spiritual Psychology?

On the surface these two terms 'Spirit' and 'Psychology' seem to oppose each other. Typically when we imagine anything spiritual we conjure images related to formlessness. Anything psychological would be mental, an aspect of the process of thinking. Spiritual Psychology directs attention to how these conditions support each other… in fact how one cannot exist without the other.

There is a relationship between thoughts and things. Things are the physical aspects of thoughts and thoughts are the mental aspects of things. No-thing can exist within the consciousness of any person absent of their ability to think about it. The more capable you are of discerning details (thinking), the more of any-thing you can see. So how humans manifest anything… material items, relationships, health… is by thinking things into existence.

The question now becomes “where do all of these things come from”? Well it would take much more space than this page to succinctly answer this question. For now please entertain the idea that all things already exist, we simply need to pull them in towards ourselves. How we accomplish this ‘pulling’ is by the process of imagination. Simply, imagining something to be real will eventually make it so. Again, how this all comes to be is somewhat complex… and it is my desire to teach the details of this complexity to you… in a language simple enough for any average person to comprehend, and immediately use in their life.

This section of the website will describe two programs:

These two learning programs address the practical aspects of spirituality. They are experiential learning processes that guide participant towards more success in manifesting and energizing spiritual principles in the actual details of your everyday life.

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