If you are eager to be nothing before you know who you are, you rob yourself of your true being. Until you understand nothingness you will never know true faith.




Termini 2014-2015

Kje: Studio BAOBAB, Parmova 25, Ljubljana
Kdaj: 18.00 – 20.00

Septemper  13            (19h - 21h)
Oktober  11                 (18h - 20h)
November  15             LIVE - TRIBAL JAM ORCHESTRA
December  13             (18h - 20h)
Januar  17                   (18h - 20h)
Februar  14                 (18h - 20h)
Marec  14                    LIVE - TRIBAL JAM ORCHESTRA
April  11                      (18h - 20h)
Maj  16                        (18h - 20h)
Junij  13                      LIVE - TRIBAL JAM ORCHESTRA

Facilitator: Mojca Furlan

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for movement and dancing. Bring a bandana or blindfold. Also please bring a cushion and a blanket for sitting/laying on the floor.

For further information & to book a place in any these evening events please CONTACT US.