Healing is not about therapy. It's beyond your mind. It's about magic. Healing occurs when we can enter the energy field of whomever or whatever you are struggling to forgive.


Susan Kenney
  Boise, Idaho
The 12 Rites of Passage Retreat I did with Wilbert Alix two years ago was among the more intelligent and stimulating workshops I have ever done. Understanding the psycho-social and spiritual significance of each of these passages shed enormous new light on the cycle of human development we experience during a single lifetime. Wilbert's expert integration of this historical, spiritual and experiential knowledge was invaluable. Having an understanding of the process involved in each passage is both powerful and empowering. I use this information in my teaching, my relationships and in my everyday life. This is important information that should be made available to everyone wanting to better understand our culture and ourselves."

Elaine Wilson
  Torrence, California
Hello Wilbert - I just returned from the International Conference On Shamanism in Santa Fe and the image of the participants forming a circle from the youngest to the eldest stays in my visual memory. What a powerful system it was for me. As an elder I am experiencing the most focused and creative passage of my life. Thank you, You have helped me appreciate, even more, how much I love being 65, in good health, of sound mind, and enjoying every new idea and challenge.