Healing is not about therapy. It's beyond your mind. It's about magic. Healing occurs when we can enter the energy field of whomever or whatever you are struggling to forgive.

Rites Of Passage

The 12 Mystical Stages Of Our Spiritual & Physical Evolution


Written by
Wilbert Alix

Rites Of Passage:
any ritual or ceremony wherein a participant crosses a threshold demarcating a transformation of their state of being.

Rites Of Passage is a holistic, spiritual model based on an inevitable journey that all humans go through in a lifetime. This model describes the twelve Mystical Stages of our Physical and Spiritual Evolution. It explores the spiritual peaks or 'points of transformation' in life. Rites Of Passage also clarifies when and why we experience life crisis, and more importantly, alternative approaches to transforming these dilemmas. As each stage is experienced and understood, we develop a growing wisdom and intelligence that serves as the foundation for living an enriched life and creating a balanced society.

Humanity is in a constant search to discover a truth that can explain the nature of our existence. How did we get here? Why am I having these experiences? Where are we going? What is it all for? We evaluate our life today in much the same way as humanity evaluated the planet prior to the voyages of Christopher Columbus: as a flat line that abruptly comes to an end. We now know that the planet is a circle where beginning and ending points meet, yet we continue to struggle with the same confusion regarding the evolution of our life.

We live in a contemporary culture. Our technological advancements have given us a quality of life unimaginable just 100 years ago, but simultaneously we have separated ourselves from the same enriching life that our technology was originally meant to enhance. Today we live in more comfort, yet we suffer through personal experiences that disempower our lives. We continue to be confused about sexuality, relationships, parenting, and growing old. We struggle to gain clarity about a purpose for our living. Values such as honesty and integrity are compromised for security. We wage battles with others and ourselves in a desperate attempt to cover up these uncertainties about life.
Prominent scholars such as Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas have suggested that we reexamine an earlier model for living that was based on feminine values. Throughout this time period we embraced a more mystical and magical view of life. It was a time when we found more balance in our daily living. This model was based on the 'Circle' and follows universal principles observed within nature. It describes the 'evolution of our consciousness' as well as provides a model for the healthy maturation of individuals within a culture. Note here that embracing the feminine-value model is not a condemnation of masculine values; rather it is recognition of how out of balance our society has become. To reintroduce the feminine perspective creates the possibility for harmony and the elimination of problems we have struggled with for generations.

The Circle

The Circle, symbol of life cycles, cultural innovation and spiritual transformation. We can find no image more familiar than a circle. Its simple structure is seen as physical (rings, the wheel), verbal (talking in circles), celestial (the moon, planets). It describes frustration (going in circles), joy (circle of friends). It explains life (menstral cycles), death (returning to the earth). The circle and it's meaning is the symbolic center of everyting we know about being alive. Therefore it withstands reason that a symbol that explains so much of our physical existence could also have something to do with explaining the evolution of the human soul.

The three great religions of the west (Judism, Islam and Chrisianity) speak of a religious model based on the principles of a straight line. This model says that we are born, have one life to live and at it's end will face an ultimate moment where spiritual life fragments. At death we either win or lose. From an energetic point of view this philosophical model loses all momentum...and creating momentum is at the core of the philosophical principles of the circle.

The 12 Mystical Stages Of Our
Spiritual & Physical Evolution

The Gift Of Immortality And Magic

A Preparation For Life

The Touch Of Passion

The First Threshold

The Father Quest

The Myth Of Success

A Spiritual Birth Into Our Power

Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self

Exposing The Mythology of Self Deception

Forgiving The Sins Of Sun And Moon

Master And Mistress Of Two Worlds

Death – The Final Passage


Rites of Passage Cycle

Astrological Cycle
Jupiter return (age 12)
Sexual Initiation
 2nd Saturn square (age 21)
Separation with the Feminine
 2nd Jupiter return (age 24)
Alliance with the Masculine
 Saturn return (age 26-34)
Realization of Betrayal
 3rd Jupiter return (age 35-38)
 Uranus opposition (age 39-44)
Reconnection with the Feminine
 Jupiter return (age 44-48)
Initiation into the Truth
Saturn square Saturn (age 51-52)
 2nd Saturn return (age 58-60)
Spiritual Elderhood  Uranus return (age 74)

What the planets "do" for you

Saturn: Ally of personal responsibility and structure. Saturn cycles provide a "reality check". Accountability to your soul, your core self. Are you self-accountable?   Do you have structural integrity?

Gatekeeper of expansion and personal belief systems.

Uranus: Ally of liberation and authenticity. Anything hidden comes "out of the closet". Wake up call. Uranus cycles are "challenges to metamorphosis".

Chiron: Ambassador to the galaxy. Provides a door to another reality. The teacher.

Neptune: Remembering your visions and dreams. Go to levels not cognitive. Re-visioning your life, letting go of illusions.Pluto: Transformation and deep soul essence. Very difficult AND very empowering cycles. Very feminine energy. Reveals the shadow side, uncovering the hidden treasure.

Rites Of Passage (Shamanic) Stages
Planetary Cycles

Puberty (approx age 12)
  Jupiter Return
Initiation into and establishment of core belief system; beginning to think for yourself.

Sexual Initiation (approx age 21)    

  Saturn Square & Uranus Square
  Leaving home or "leaving the mother", making choices, becoming independent and/or rebellious.

Separation with the Feminine
(approx age 24)

  Jupiter Return
  Feeling like you can "master the world". Time of initiation.

Alliance with the Masculine  (approx age 27-34)

  Nodal Return & Saturn Return

  Completion of the structural development of the self. Desire to accomplish in the world, to make "your" mark.

Realization of Betrayal
(approx age 35-38)

  Jupiter Return
  Consolidating core belief systems, beginning to question the underpinnings of family and cultural belief systems. Quest for deeper core belief systems.

  Saturn square Saturn
  Ego de-structuring (preparation for Mid-Birth).

Mid-Birth (approx age 39-44)

  Uranus Opposition
 Opening to the Self, ego liberation and questing for the Authentic Self. What is hidden comes out.
  Pluto Square
Challenge to face bullshit inside and out. Intense detox from false self, death of the false self.

  Neptune Square
Ego dissolution. Looking at levels not linear, the Mystery. Ego needs to surrender the illusion of control. Come to terms with dreams... what can you really believe in? Time is disillusionment.

Re-connection with the Feminine (approx age 44-48)

  Saturn Opposition
Brings illumination, ego redefinition. Invitation to balance.

  Jupiter return
Deepening of core belief systems you have explored the past 12 years. Deep sense of your own truth. Maturity and refinement.

Initiation into the Truth
(approx age 50)

  Chiron Return
Ego dismemberment and re-memberment. Shape shifting wounds into healing. Doorway into another reality.

  Saturn square Saturn
...after the harvest, what stays in the garden. Restructure, sort-out, compost.

Atonement (approx age 58-60)

  Saturn Return
Larger cycle for the whole process. At the karmic level... completing of emotional tasks, setting you up for full eldership.

  Uranus Square
The "age of philosophy".

Spiritual Elderhood (approx age 74)

  Uranus Return

The completed cycle of development in this lifetime. The opportunity for actualization of full spiritual potential, to be more than merely human.

© Wilbert Alix