I've always searched for meaning in life and to encounter dimensions that are deeper and with more truth.


Luisa Pereira (2006)

I've always searched for meaning in life and to encounter dimensions that are deeper and with more truth. That's why I am so passionate about everything where I can find authenticity, life energy, truth, humanity and magic. Nature itself is a place where I could see and find these qualities. Nature has the power to heal, to cleanse and to restore this within us. In Trance Dance too I also found all of these qualities.

Ritual Trance Dance has a special place deep in my heart and in my work.
I am a student of the human condition and I´ve been searching the instruments that resonate with me and that enhance that. All my work is related with building bridges, connections between the spiritual and the mundane, the non linear and the linear, the right brain and the left brain, the inner world and the outer world, the unconscious and the conscious, the duality in human beings. I believe that the integration of the opposites but complementary in us allows us to evolve. 
I studied Mathematics applied to Economy because I found magic in working with some areas of Mathematic. Later, after working some years in the corporate world I realized I was not getting what I was looking for. I wanted something more human. I got out and studied Art-Therapy and started to explore free dance and different types of meditation. That´s when Trance Dance appeared in my life and had a huge impact in me, until today. It has been a catalyzer of transformation in me and in my life.  I did the Ritual Trance Dance facilitators Training in 2006. I continued my search and studies, exploring the connection between this 2 worlds. Storytelling and stories and how they do connections between worlds and people is another of my passions and part of my work as also is, working with women and the re-discover and balance of the feminine in and out of us. Being a mother was a really important factor in this journey. Recently I´m studying and exploring the harmonizing and healing effects of sound through singing Tibetan bowls. As a Trance Dance facilitator, I´m continuing passionately deepen my knowledge and facilitating rituals. Since 2012, I´ve been staffing the Trance Dance Facilitators Training, workshops  and apprentice with Wilbert Alix, my partner and founder of Trance Dance International.