Our philosophy is based on transforming an old 'show me and I'll believe it' mentality into a more productive 'believe it and it will show' state of consciousness.


Angelo Surinder (2011)


I was born in Portugal and
I live in Palmela. Having lived four years in a community in Galicia (Spain), I was presented to the shamanic world, where I developed some shamanic practices, awakened my interest in spirituality and living in harmony with Nature. Sound and rhythm has always been present in my life, and during one period I was DJ. However, not satisfied with living the lifestyle of today's society, I went looking and found yoga, an excellent balance between body, mind and spirit.

Yoga and meditation has brought me a new philosophy and lifestyle and took me to learn the meditation with Gong. The Way of the Gong made me remember the power of sound (vibration) and through it, reaching altered states of consciousness. More than just a musical instrument, the Gong is a shamanic tool that also works as an agent of transformation. When the gong is played, the body, mind and spirit change.


When I discovered the work of Wilbert Alix I felt that this could be what I was looking for to create the conection between the music and the dance, by linking all these areas and making me feel more complete.


After the training with Wilbert Alix, I was really sure about the importance of the Trance Dance ritual to help people going in to an altered state of mind, allowing them to meet their soul in a different perpective, awakening a higher consciousness and sense of union with the whole.


The result of all these years of search about sound therapy, rhythm, vibration, movement, I co-created the Cosmic Gong Project that works to bring peace, love and a better quality of life to all living beings.