Our philosophy is based on transforming an old 'show me and I'll believe it' mentality into a more productive 'believe it and it will show' state of consciousness.


Rui Bizarro (2010)

I was born in Brazil, but since many years I’m living in Portugal. I graduated in psychology and I finished my Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, but always had a curiosity that made me to ask about everything in life and without a doubt, I was exploring beyond the confines of academia. Even as a student of Psychology I discovered transpersonal psychology, current that fascinated me since the begining, to understand that the spiritual dimension is essential in human beings.

I certified in Holotropic Breathwork  Technique with Stanislav Grof and GTT Staff.

On my first trip to India, I found Osho which was an important moment in my life. Then I discovered body movement, expression and dance. Later, I discovered also the Trance Dance, and now shamanism has a huge importance in my life.

Today my biggest interests are the exploration of sound, expression, movement and altered states of consciousness as a therapy for human beings. I currently work as a leader in Ritual Trance Dance, different techniques of Meditation in Motion and Holotropic Breathwork.

I also own with my partner a vegetarian restaurant in Oporto, Portugal and it’s a big pleausure to serve non vegeterian food for people.