Our philosophy is based on transforming an old 'show me and I'll believe it' mentality into a more productive 'believe it and it will show' state of consciousness.


Natesh (2006)

My path of personal development started in the early 90’s, with Taoism and the training of Chinese Martial Arts.

For two years I had the chance to live and travel in several countries of Europe, Asia and South America. When I got back to my home country, Portugal, I initiated Osho Active Meditations and began to explore music, dance and movement as spiritual practices.

The contact with various holistic approaches led me to the study of Zen Shiatsu, Thai-Yoga massage and many other healing techniques, becoming a therapist and instructor.

In 2006, I was trained as a Trance Dance facilitator and, since then, I’ve been leading regular events for general public and in festivals.

I’m also a leader of Osho Humaniversity AUM Meditation, a strong process of emotional awareness through social interaction and expression.

Shamanism plays a fundamental role in my life and I’m continuously learning and practicing different approaches that I now share, for instance, as a Firewalking Instructor and a Sweat Lodge Keeper.

I have a great passion for travelling and for DJing. So, you might find me somewhere with my backpack or in some party playing music for my friends.