Our philosophy is based on transforming an old 'show me and I'll believe it' mentality into a more productive 'believe it and it will show' state of consciousness.


Kalid (2004)

My meeting with the world of Osho and with shamanism was definitely my turning point. Through them I have entered in contact with a reality that until then was unknown to me. In 2001 I decided to go for my first trip to India . Main destiny: Osho Meditation Resort, in Pune.

In 2003 I started facilitating and organizing workshops and events related with Osho and with the shamanic current – Trance Dance. It was by that time when the InJoy project was born.

Through the years I have been having the privilege of learning with great masters, therapists and teachers and participating in several workshops and trainings around the world related with Osho, Meditation, Trance Dance, Shamanism, Dance, Tantra, Sufism, Voice, Healing, Bodywork, Bio-energetics and Emotional expression.

From Dance to Meditation, Shamanism to Sufism, Sweat Lodge to Firewalking, from India to the Peruvian Amazon… All this different streams are an inspiration for my work.

My intention is to share my heart and take you in an inner journey towards yourself , towards your body, mind and spirit.