No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.


Elena Minari (1997)

C Elena Minari is a performance artist, choreographer, writer, quantum healer and spiritual midwife to the New Earth.

Born in Milan, Italy, Elena has been dancing since the age of three, and began studying classical ballet at ten. Called by the mystic traditions, at the age of fourteen she became mesmerized by Saint Therese of Lisieux and the Gnostic Gospels. By sixteen she joined a hindu vaishnava ashram, practicing Bhakti-yoga and studying the Vedas. During her travels she has been called to many spiritual meccas, including France, Israel, Nepal and India. In Jagannatha Puri, she trained in the Sacred Temple Dance - Odissi style - under the guidance of the direct descendants of the temple priestesses (Maharis). After twelve years of volunteer service in ashram communities, Elena stepped into the secular world and worked as a performer, journalist and translator of metaphysical books. Frank Nataleʼs Shamanic Trance Dance ignited an ancestral memory, and in 1997 she became a certified Trance Dance Facilitator at Crystal Palace in Amsterdam.

The Ways of the Medicine Wheel are close to her heart and praying to the sacred directions is a strong guiding force on her path.

As a synthesis for the Healing Arts, she offers: ~ Grounding Extreme (individual sessions) (Realignment therapy, helpful as a rehabilitation from spinal injury. Implements sound/color modalities of the Essenes, Antiginnastica, Pilates, Iyengar Yoga, Chi-Kung, and trance meditation.)

~ Still Dance ~ Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual.

Elena resides in Southern Oregon and performs Butoh and Eagle Dance. Current projects include a book about the mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci, and a new Trance Dance ritual liturgy.

On Frank Natale:

“Of all the teachers and shamans I have met, Frank was certainly the one with the broadest spectrum of knowledge in the field of tranceformation. He has been able to create a remarkable synthesis of the worldʼs shamanistic traditions in perspective with the ancient, peaceful Goddess civilizations. Frank was a shapeshifter, a free soul daring to experiment with the human potential (leading to our Divinity) in a very unique way. I am very grateful to him.” Elena