Through the Trance Dance process I discovered the magical world that lives within me. These journeys are exotic and healing...

New Mexico

Holly Nastasi (1997)

Holly Nastasi is an inspiring master instructor and trainer of the well-being program, the Nia Technique. as well as a certified Trance Dance facilitator.  She is a graduate of the Kinesiology and Health Department of the University of Texas and holds a Masters Degree in Health Education, with a specialization in health promotion. 

Holly did her Facilitator Training with Wilbert Alix in Austin, Texas in 1997. Holly and Wilbert then established the longest running, on-going Trance Dance Ritual program at the NiaSpace studio in Austin that same year.  Holly has since re-located to Santa Fe, New Mexico, but the Austin Trance Dance rituals continue at NiaSpace to this day. 

Holly is currently the program director at StudioNia Santa Fe. StudioNia Santa Fe is dedicated to providing a superior environment for movement exploration, focusing primarily on the Nia Technique. 

Holly has been exploring the powerful effects of movement and music for 30 years. Trance Dance has been key to her spiritual development within the context of movement. She has worked and trained directly with Wilbert Alix, known internationally as a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanic studies.  

"Through the Trance Dance process,  I discovered the magical world that lives inside me, behind the blindfold.  These journeys are exotic and healing, taking me through time and space.  I'm always excited to make this possible for others."

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