If we are really to heal ourselves and our planet, we will have to live in our bodies and on our planet, rather than constantly looking for ways to leave them. The best way I know to live passionately in my body is to TranceDance.




Facilitator: Mark Hoek

Trancedance the Netherlands - Haarlem
Facilitator: Mark Hoek

Almost every tuesday from 19:30 t/m 22:30
at the Spiritueel Centrum de Regenboogslang.
adres Gebouw de Houthof
Claus Sluterweg 125 3e verdieping A
2012 WS Haarlem

Around the building there is enough free parking.

Fee try-out 10 euro, one evening 15 euro, season passes are available.

For futher information or to book a place call or mail Mark Hoek tel. 06-13209556 or email info@regenboogslang.net

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for movement and dancing. Bring a bandana or blindfold. Also please bring a cushion and a blanket for sitting/laying on the floor.

For further information & to book a place in any these evening events please CONTACT US.


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