When I experienced my first Trance Dance it was as if the puzzle pieces that were my life started to make sense and fall into place. I felt so very free and liberated!


Tania Costantini Zimmermann (2015)

Already as a little child I loved to dance and sing all day long…then I grew older and was told this is not the way to behave. I’m sure you can imagine how the story continues… In 2005 after many years of unhappiness, physical illness and many challenges I found myself at the lowest point of my life. Something had to change! I consciously began my journey of spiritual discovery (or remembering as I call it). I started to explore different styles of meditation, breathing techniques, movement, healing, sacred sounds, massage techniques, coaching styles, rituals and ceremonies. I was fascinated by the ‘new world’ that opened up for me and the positive impact it had on my life. My thirst for knowledge, joy and adventure made me travel around the world to learn, explore and experience with wonderful teachers and like-minded people. It felt as if each step had me remember a part of me that I had forgotten. A deep journey of inner healing started. And the more my life became fuller of love, joy, laughter and wonderful experiences the more I started to share it with the people around me. Every single experience made me the person that I am today. Because it connected me back to my childhood it feels as if sacred sound and free dance had the biggest impact on me.

When I experienced my first Trance Dance it was as if the puzzle pieces that were my life started to make sense and fall into place. I felt so very free and liberated! Also while dancing I had visions of times long gone when I would dance around the fire for sacred rituals. I was remembering and connecting to ancient knowledge of ancient tribes. I knew then that Trance Dance would be playing a big part in my life and my ‘work’. I love that there is no ‘right and wrong’ of how to dance it, that I can totally listen to my body and allow it to move the way it wants. I love Trance Dance as it allows me to dive deeply inside my heart, it allows me to expand and be the infinite being that I truly am. And because of the darkness there is no distraction and it’s a total inward journey that each time provides me with exactly what is needed at the moment, sometimes it’s a release, sometimes it’s healing, sometimes it’s ‘resolving’ an issue and no matter what I always after each dance feel more ‘me’, more connected, more ‘whole’.  I’m so grateful and excited to be sharing this now with people everywhere I go.
I am now passionately dedicating my life to empower myself and my clients to live the life we truly desire. So we can actualize our dreams and live a fulfilled life of abundance, peace, prosperity, love, health, vibrancy and joy!

Through Intuitive Coaching and a variety of powerful processes and modalities such as the Ritual Trance Dance, Sound Healing (with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs and other sacred instruments) and Access Consciousness tools, I create a safe and sacred space to assist my clients to shift energies and create lasting transformation. I also facilitate sacred cacao ceremonies and ritual gatherings as well as workshops and healing retreats (www.rainbow-alchemy.com).
I currently divide my time between Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) and London (UK) and travel the world to play with my clients and facilitate Trance Dances, workshops and ceremonies.