Trance Dance Benefits

•  A direct experience and trust in the metaphysical healing powers we all possess.

  Healing through the disappearance of lifelong patterns of disease-oriented behavior.

  An increase in the trust that Spirit is real and not just a concept or dogmatic tradition.

  A leap into the adventure of exploring oneself without judgment or making oneself wrong.

  The wisdom that comes once you realize your immortality, which usually comes with taking responsibility for your life.

  The reduction of ego which is replaced by a willingness to appreciate and support others.

  A pleasurable relaxation into just going with the experiences of life.

  Incredible energy, excitement and aliveness.

  The healing of breath-related illness such as asthma and other illnesses such as rheumatism and arthritis.

  The awakening of a personal Energizer and a return to deep, satisfying guiltless sex.

  An increased ability to see visual phenomenon and movement of energy in everything.

  A greater awareness of one’s inner world.

  A general lightness, resulting from satisfaction and well-being.

  The experience of one’s body and physical form changing from this time to other times, from human to non-human.

  Perceptions dramatically transformed, the dancer often describing having entered another world.