No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.


Erika Fekete (2007)

I met Wilbert Alix and Trance Dance 6 years ago. Since then trance dance is part of my regular practice. Trance Dance takes me to a wider reality. With surrendering to the rhythms, the movement, the darkness, I enter a world of the infinite. I realize a deeper connection to my own feelings, my core being, dissolve in this inner world, and finally the no-mind state opens a field of receiving, and a deep peaceful state of bliss. Dance always helps me to reconnect with my true self. 

As a lifelong student, dancer and explorer of shamanic practices and after being trained by Wilbert, I started to offer Trance Dance rituals once a month, for 4 years now. As a facilitator of Trance Dance I feel vast energies flowing through my body and soul, and I am grateful for being able to offer this practice, that has a deep transformational effect on people.

I feel grounded on Earth, and connected to spirit world. Working in the last two decades in the field of human development, 15 years as a leader in a global corporation, and paralelly exploring my own spiritual development in many ways for 30 years now, starting with yoga, tantra, shamanic practices, modern therapies and movement, this has been an unfolding journey, filled with rich life experience and growing. Life's greatest school, motherhood gives me an everyday opportunity to remain an authentic and loving person.

I'm a trained humanistic, integrative and Gestalt psychotherapist, and practicing free-form ecstatic dances for 6 years now, including Trance Dance, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion and Movement Medicine. Combining these fields, I especially like to lead groups developing and healing through body awareness. It always touches my heart, when I see people realize their deeper and divine presence, listening to their soul, and become more alive, and happy in everyday life."