To be alive is to be sexual. Human beings are the only species to create illusions about this.

Honorable Sexuality

"To be alive is to be sexual. Human beings are the only species to create illusions about it. This workshop provides an environment where the illusions, or attitudes, can be corrected. It is an opportunity to remove any obstacles which prevent the freedom and joy of expressing ones sexuality"

Western culture continues to hold 'Love' as the highest virtue within a relationship, yet what originally ignites this love is 'passion'. Absent of passion our relationships become less loving, less alive and absent of energy. Passion is usually associated with sex only. Actually it is our passion that drives us to seek a higher purpose and meaning in life. Embracing our sexuality in all of its forms is the doorway to re-igniting a lust for life. Conscious Love, combined with passionate energy, is the context for Honorable Sexuality.
Throughout the Honorable Sexuality Workshop we will heal our personal and societal taboos towards sex and explore a deeper understanding of love, sexuality and passion as the thresholds to vibrant relationships. Participants will engage in both mind and body structures designed to 'energize' your passion, simultaneously releasing old, non-productive energy associated with negative experiences in sexual relationships. Each participant will emerge from this workshop with a renewed vigor for life and a more abundant experience of their sexuality.

Purpose of retreat

To explore love/sexuality and sex as individual experiences. Although related, our confusion about their connections causes difficulty in our willingness to create pleasure both within and without a human relationship.

Sexuality is the appetite of sex, not the act itself. We were born sexual and to suppress this aliveness is to deny ourselves pleasure in every of our life, including career, health, material abundance and physical relationships.

This is not a sex workshop but rather an opportunity to re-define your pleasure tolerance by uprooting the first areas of life where your aliveness was challenged: your sexuality. Once released you will operate with the freedom to receive abundance in any area of life you choose, which can include sex. When love, sexuality and sex become one you transcend your limits and ultimately experience ecstasy.

  Honorable Sexuality
An brief interview With Wilbert Alix

Why has western culture become so confused about distinguishing love, sex and sexuality?

“Passion is really our life energy, it is what propels us, or compels us, to act on something. Therefore, in a culture that suppresses its sexuality, or in other words makes it unconscious, then all you have to do is attach sexuality to anything and we will notice it. We sell everything with sex. There is a schizophrenia in our culture about this.

Approx 2,000+ years ago there was a movement in the West, mostly in Europe, to contemporize spirit in order to control the lives of people by controlling their access to authentic rituals that induce passion. This was the golden days of religion. Religion is probably (still) the biggest business on the planet. Essentially what organized religion did was convince human beings that something was fundamentally (spiritually) wrong with them and that they needed to be redeemed. The church's business is redemption (being 'saved'). One way to accomplish this was through demonizing sex. Well then, you're demonizing the energy that created you. You are demonizing the energy that propels you daily. When people bought into this they really did start to feel bad. They hungered for help... something that could relieve their suffering... and the church was saying, 'we'll do this for you'... if not in this lifetime at least in the next. They got people to totally surrender to this madness and the ones that suffered the most were women. The reason a suffers more is because a woman's entire body is erotic (original meaning is 'capable of creating life'). A man's entire body is not this way. Men too are sexual but in a totally different way. So when a woman suppresses her sexuality her entire body suffers. She needs something to convince her that this suffering is worthwhile. And of course the church's promise is eternal reward in the next life. I think this is why the church was always filled with women. Given the severity of what a woman sacrifices to 'be religious' then her rationale was to attend every church meeting to insure that the 'reward in the next life' was still on!




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