Like our appreciation of natural foods grown in fertile earth, so then should we re-examine shamanic spirituality, also organic and created by 40,000 year old earth principles that cannot be rushed.


Shamanic Journey through art

Shamanic Journey

Every time I have a dream, an out-of-the-ordinary encounter with an animal, a vision or an unusual natural event I ask my self:  What does this mean?

I’ve always been fascinated by symbols and their message and often get puzzled in their interpretation.

I was once encouraged by a Wise Man to stop trying to interpret these symbols and allow their message to speak to me through a creative outlet.

What I’m presenting here is a recollection of these encounters with Spirits Animals and other images that I receive through dreams, visions and Shamanic Journeys.

This is my own way of keeping track of seemingly random events that may not make much sense to the rational mind. Yet, seeing as a whole they represent my own Journey into the

Secret Language of Mother Nature.

Unlike most puzzles with corners that grow from the outside in, this one has no corners, allowing the journey to continue and expand from inside out!


                                          Melina Castro