Like our appreciation of natural foods grown in fertile earth, so then should we re-examine shamanic spirituality, also organic and created by 40,000 year old earth principles that cannot be rushed.


Shola Angela Ricco (2000)

My personal search started in 1992. An Italian friend invited me to go to a Trance Dance Ritual. The experience during that time changed my life completely. To have a bandana on my eyes allowed me to see a glimpse of light that has  literally caught up then my search for a deeper reason in my presence on this planet Earth.During one of my first Trance Dance experience I had the vision of a gipsy tribe of energized dancers. This vision has awakened in me old memories where Mother Earth was recognized as the Great Teacher and dance always has been and always will be the bearer of peace, joy, unity, wisdom. It happened ... I found my Tribe! From that evening my perception of myself, my inner world and profound and everlasting connection with a realty not visible, but present all the time, had become more and more part of my daily life. I was born in Italy but I have always felt to belong to a tribe/nation that does not recognize the limits of ordinary space and time as such. In Turin in Italy, I was honored to have worked on myself first as a participant, then as the staff at the Italian center Soleluna where Frank Natale, Mastinu Apurva, Shaida Cartella', Wilbert Alix are considered the pioneers of work specifically created by Frank Natale. Trance Dance, Soul Hunting, Life Skills Trainings, Rites of Passage, Shamanic retreats, One experience Experience ... had enriched me immeasurably!

I took part in trips and sacred pilgrimages in Peru ', Belize, Mexico, India and Africa. My fantastic personal journey took me to meet healers Maya, Inca and  Aztec I learned values and experiences of inestimable value related to my Ancestors. I participated in many sweat Lodges and I walked on fire. The shamanism is the medicine to which I feel to belong. The "path of heart," natural is my way.I facilitate Trance Dance, the Soul Hunting Ritual, the massage "The way of the Moon. I'm an artist and I love to make floral arrangements.I facilitate Osho's meditations workshops. Osho is my Spiritual Master since 1999.

In 2003 I made a trip to Hawaii and more precisely in the Big Island. My friend Wilbert Alix invited me to attend a Training Trance Dance facilatators. The absolutely pure nature in its natural elements, the vibrant beauty, the Spirit so alive in each flower, rock, tree, cloud... I was literally caught. The Big Island geologically is one of the most youngest Land on Earth. Wherever there is an uncommon beauty, multiplied by the magma that feeds and the model the island. This land is also called the island of healing. The spirit of Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano is able to free blocks to bring the light of our more fervent wishes. Whatever your very passionate often manifests itself here very quickly. Since 2004 I'm offering Trance Dance Ritals in a center "Kalani" located on the Pacific Ocean. Persons around the world come here to experience the energy of rejuvenation of the island. I feel grateful to be a Trance Dance facilitator. Trance Dance is a doorway,a seed, for each dormant dancer  to be reawakened, a key to enter in the darkness to bring back power, clarity, consciousness.

Do not take any outward journey, put a bandana over your eyes and experience your own unique authenticity', freedom to be and go where you need to go to bring light, knowledge, wisdom, memories,in your body, your Temple. ... from it begins your TRAVEL ... HAVE A GOOD JOURNEY!