Silently looking with the eye between my eyes... trusting and free.


Amanjot (2011)

Since I was a child I was interested in dance - at least that is the memory that I would like if I remembered more about my childhood. Becoming a teenager my first memory of a bad world shattered my beliefs. A longhaired, white robed God was not sitting in the clouds smiling over me. I felt depressed and began to escape first with smoking and drinking and later my escape plan included all sorts of drugs.

The drugs led me to clubs around Frankfurt and the joy of dancing all night. I felt present, full of life, connected to something vast. I became the dance. The next day came the old feelings of disconnection, pain and realizing my experience was only a stolen moment of happiness and would not last.

During these many years of drugs, clubs and dancing, I maintained a normal life with a good education. I completed a professional training as a physical therapist. The work was physical both for the patient and my own body. With just 20 minutes per client, one after another for 10 years, I reached a breaking point, physically and emotionally.

This crash, lead me to yoga. Practicing yoga changed my life. I was able to let go of the drugs. After a while I decided to become a teacher and studied Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, completing Level 2 Teacher Training. Since many years now I am teaching classes, workshops, yoga coaching and I do holistic bodywork.Through this path I was able to enjoy the present moment and to feel connected and oneness again.

But I was missing dance in my life. I started a search in the internet, looking for a possibility to dance, besides going to clubs. I wanted a pure experience where once again I could become the dance. Finally I discovered Trance Dance. Quickly I embraced the concepts and made my experiences. Recently I found myself in Hawaii for the Trance Dance Facilitator training with Wilbert Alix. Filled with gratitude for this wonderful experience, I can say it happened- I became the dance again.

Inspired by the training and Wilbert, I wrote my first poem when in Hawaii:


The elements surround me

I feel connected

The earth

I can feel it under my feet

Vibrant roots support me

The water

I can hear it, I can feel it, finally feel

The ocean, the ocean of consciousness

The rain, the souls, tears in my eyes

The fire

of the womb of mother earth

the fire- destroying , sustaining, creating

The air

Breathing deep  and deeper

Melting down the ego

Being in the present moment with acceptance  and compassion

Aloha – love

The ether

Never ending

Millions of stars

Ancient sea

Silently looking with the eye between my eyes

Trusting and free


That’s what Hawaii did to me