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Questions & Answers


    What is a Trance Dance Ritual?

Ritual Trance Dance is a 3-4 hour structured ritual program using specific sounds, dynamic rhythms, continuous breath patterns and sensory deprivation as a technique to induce a moving trance.

What makes Trance Dance different from other spiritual dance forms?

Spiritual evolution moves through levels, beginning with 1- being aware, to  2- being aware of being aware, to  3- being aware of being aware of being aware, to  4- being aware of being aware of being aware of being aware, to...... This sequence travels into infinity. Many spiritual dance forms accomplish the first two, 'aware' and 'being aware of being aware' (stillness). Then there are the infinite other, more profound state of awareness. These deeper levels of spiritual reality is where Trance Dance takes us.

Wearing a bandana (blindfold) alone accomplishes losing simple awareness which immediately moves us into 'being aware of being aware'. This is where Trance Dance begins. Then Trance Dance transports a dancer CONSIDERABLY further... sometimes into places so profound that dancers report losing normal perception and BECOMING other beings, animals, plants, all witnessed within broad landscapes of nature. These tactile encounters remain inexplicable yet profoundlly touch the dancer him/herself. I've personally witnesses this phenomenon for more than 30 years and suspect that this is precisely the profound states of consciousness that shamans have described encountering in their ritual plant medicine journeys. So, open eyed dance, as beneficial is it is, cannot carry people into these alternate worlds of deep trance because ACCESSING THESE LEVELS OF AWARENESS IS NOT A SOCIAL PHENOMENON. We cannot do this 'together'. In fact temporarily losing both human contact and the awareness of being human itself are pre-requisites for this level of spiritual journeying. This is why I say "To The Spirit Belongs The Dancer", meaning you must first surrender beyond the point of human perception and become the property of Spirit itself, not the other way round (being spiritual). Trance Dance is the next level for any dancer (or non-dancer) who is sincerely interested in discovering their soul through dance.

So, is it as simple as wearing a blindfold to reach these profound states of awareness?

No. Temporary blindness is one technique. Then there are a number of other important elements that (in combination) open an even wider door into ourselves. Specific rhythms, sonic drumming, sound, breathing, intention and more... all woven together in a particular way... this is what makes Trance Dance so powerful and effective.

Is Trance Dance a part of any particular spiritual tradition?

No. Trance Dance is contemporary. It is drawn from the animistic perspective that spiritual energy can best be felt while both in motion and simultaneously separated from normal reality (use of blindfold). This induces a state of trance. Trance Dance does not claim to be attached to any particular spiritual faith or religion. Trance Dance attempts of cut through dogma and offer participants a direct pathway to witnessing the power of life through generating SUBJECTIVE passion within the body.

Is Trance Dance a dance dicipline?

No. Trance Dance is a powerful ritual experience and is therefore typically presented as a special event, not an ongoing dance class. Trance Dance Facilitators conduct these rituals as evening healing circles as well as an integral part of workshops and community gatherings. Wilbert Alix occasionally offers Trance Dance rituals for large groups as a part of a conferences or exposition.


Can I train to facilitate Trance Dance Rituals in my community?

Yes. It helps if you have had a depth of experience with Trance Dance yourself. However this is not an absolute pre-requisite. What is most required is a depth of personal transformation work, related experience in working with people and a willingness to explore how dance can open up within you a depth of awareness perhaps previously unseen. The 10-day Trance Dance Facilitator Training contains the core ritual experiences essential to becoming a facilitator.

Must I apply to attend the Trance Dance Facilitator Training.

Yes. You can request a Application/Questionnaire by going to this link. Applicants must be 18 years of age and older.

Who teaches the Trance Dance Facilitator Training?

WILBERT ALIX, Director of Trance Dance International is the trainer at all Trance Dance Facilitator Trainings.

How can I find a Trance Dance Ritual in my community?

Please go to our World Community page. Here you can search for a ritual healing programs happening in your area. If you do not find a program in your city please sign our address book and we will keep you informed about events happening in other places in the world. If you would like to start a Trance Dance Ritual program in your area please contact us.

Why should I take this type of training?

If you work with people in any modality where consciousness is altered (breath work, dream work, dance, deep massage) then learning about altered states of consciousness and trance will enhance your capacity to guide individuals towards positive outcomes. Trance Dance is a well-developed and thorough approach to exploring deep structural and psychological issues that traditional forms of therapy find difficult to access. In fact traditional healers and therapist have been using Trance Dance as an adjunct to their primary transformation technique. Trance Dance works well alone and also as a companion to other modalities of therapy and healing.

Must I have previous experience with Trance Dance to attend this training?

 Previous Trance Dance experience is highly recommended. Our particular approach to Trance Dance usually does not fall within the parameters of other forms of healing dance. However, you may apply to this training without having explored Trance Dance directly. We will determine your qualifications based on your overall experience and previous trainings. Frequently persons who have explored other trainings and have experience in other techniques in healing & dance can qualify. Also, there is ample time within the training to explore Trance Dance for the first time.

Will I receive a certificate to facilitate Trance Dance?

Yes. As such there is no governing body that ‘certifies’ Trance Dance. However upon successful completion you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ stating that you have received 72 hours of professional training in Trance Dance facilitation. Hundreds of professionals around the world have taken this training and use it in various ways within their already existing practice or as a stand-alone ritual or healing technique. Also, Trance Dance is a technique used within a ritual format. It is not a dance form and therefore there is no dance instruction. This is a training in how to facilitate a Trance Dance Ritual.

  Please note

Attending the training does not automatically guarantee successful completion. We reserve the right to refuse granting a Certificate Of Completion to anyone who is not qualified or incapable of working with persons with Trance Dance.