You can’t control dance. It’s an act of self-expression – and what that means is that by dancing you’re taking a giant shovel and digging into your guts to see what you are made of.

Ritual Trance Dance™ Facilitator Training



Providing 28 years of professional training since 1989

The Trance Dance Facilitator Training Program is a 14 day / 100+ hours training retreat designed to explore the multi-dimensional aspects of trance states; to study the mystical, scientific and psychological significance of trance as a healing state, and to learn the mechanics of conducting a Ritual Trance Dance Program.



Ritual Trance Dance - Facilitator Training Program is open to both professionals and semi-professional individuals who seek to:

Enhance their spiritual development through the ritual use of Ritual Trance Dance, Soul Hunting and other 'body-centered' shamanic healing techniques.

Explore the transformational effects of music, sound and percussive rhythms on the body and the brain.

Examine the history of ritual dance and it's relationship to mental, physical and emotional healing.

Practice safety techniques for working with people in altered states of mind.

Learn a full program (18 hours) on the science of INTENTION and the principles of MANIFESTING through dance and movement. This training component includes a 200+ page workbook.

Apply contemporary Trance Dance techniques within an already existing health program (psychotherapy, body work, etc) or as an independent discipline.

Study the mechanics of organizing and conducting a Trance Dance Ritual Program.


The Trance Dance Ritual - Facilitator Training Program is taught in an 'experiential' format. Participants will explore the following subjects:

A comprehensive exploration of Trance Dance and how it impacts Body/Mind Consciousness.

Study the 12 Mystical Stages Of Rites of Passage and how they affect your Spiritual & Physical Evolution.

Experience a Soul Hunting Ritual that focuses on developing your power as a leader.

Study the Ethics about working with people in altered states of mind and the ethics governing Trance Dance Facilitators

Explore the principles of Spiritual Evolution as a parallel purpose to Spiritual Healing.

Study the Results Course and learn principles on how movement can enhance focus and comprehension in manifesting important life issues.

Examine the distinct similarities and significant differences between the Mind and the Brain and altered states of consciousness. 

The History of Shamanism & Trance Dance Rituals.

Contemporary Shamanism & Trance Dance Rituals.

Shamanic Trance vs. Possession Trance.

The technical use of both Organic Music & Contemporary (Electronic) Music in inducing trance states.

Breathe Techniques specific to inducing altered states of mind.

How Trance Dance induces Waking Dreams.

Sensory Deprivation & Holographic Mind.

Experience the Faces Of Time Trance Journey.
How to responsibly conduct a Trance Dance Ritual Program.





Training students will experience Community Trance Dance Ritual, held the last evening of the training period. This ritual provides training students with the opportunity to observe the dynamics of an actual contemporary ritual healing experience. These rituals are open to the local community and frequently include 40-50 participants. This will give all trainees an opportunity to make contact with various members of our shamanic community who have been using Trance Dance as a spiritual tool for an extended period.
Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate Of Completion verifying professional training in the Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator Training Program.