Soul Hunting is a contemporary shamanic ritual that rejuvenates life energy and restores the integrity of the soul.

Soul Hunting Ritual • Zagreb, Croatia


  SATURDAY, MAY 13 • 8 pm to 11pm

The results of Soul Hunting is one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me. The change in me was so deep. Wilbert's words resonate in my head daily and I now act based on integrity. Having this sense of integrity and fluidity brought magic where before there was none. I feel truly honored to have participated in a group process like was a truly magical experience and just the beginning of my path in shamanism. " -

Testimony of a participant in a Soul Hunting Retreat.

Soul Hunting is a contemporary shamanic ritual that rejuvenates life energy and restores the integrity of the soul. Soul Hunting energizes life and heals deep traumas both from childhood and current life. People who have participated reported that their Soul Hunting journey was one of the deepest experiences of their life...

The Soul Hunting Ritual involves a transformational journey of five stages:

Preparation Initiation Desolation Shamanic Healing Journey Integration

What will I learn? What will I benefit by participating in this ritual?

Participants will have the opportunity to heal physical, mental, emotional and sexual trauma. This ritual includes an introductory seminar on Rites of Passage. Should expect a dynamic process that will access and change parts of your deep psyche that were impacted by difficult life experiences. You will experience a renewed sense of well-being and a more expanded view of life in general. People who also study subjects like shamanism, family constellations, spiritual dance, etc. will receive additional benefit from the knowledge received in this ritual.

"Shamanic cultures experience the entire body as a thinking organism rather than limiting intelligence to the physical brain only. By stimulating the body and mind simultaneously, shamans journey to parallel realities where solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems become clear. These dynamic vision journeys are legendary, providing the foundation for both individual and cultural wisdom. - Wilbert Alix        

Wilbert Alix has earned a solid international reputation as a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanism. Wilbert continues to develop the professional application of Trance Dance, Soul Hunting and other contemporary techniques as therapeutic as rituals tools for healing. He conducts annual trainings and retreats around the world. Often, Wilbert, appears at professional conferences and scientific institutes to teach mind / body techniques for individuals and organizations.

“My intention is to bring into focus the enormously complex worlds of mysticism, psychology, shamanic spirituality, and science for the purpose of clear direction and achievement.”

With Wilbert you explore first hand various altered states, centered in the body, resulting in the integration of the wisdom and finding alternative solutions to difficult situations. The responses obtained in these ritual journeys can be very powerful and last a lifetime.


MAY 13 8pm to 11pm

30€ for inscriptions before MAY 12
35€ for inscriptions after MAY 12

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1. Please wear a white outfit. These cloths should be comfortable and loose fitting, suitable for ritual work and movement.

2. Please bring a blindfold or bandana.

3. Please bring a blanket (or two) and a pillow.

4. Bring a bootle of water