... an 8 day shamanic retreat that promotes healing and cleansing of the human energy/chakra system.

7 Temples Of The Soul Retreat • Zadar - Adriatic Sea (Croatia)

     JUNE 29 - JULY 6, 2013



Zadar Adriatic Sea Croatia

                                           7 TEMPLES OF THE SOUL

                                              SHAMANIC RETREAT


What is the 7 Temples Of The Soul Retreat?

The 7 Temples Of The Soul is an 8 day retreat process that explores
(from a shamanic perspective) the human energy/chakra system.

It is an opportunity to experience contemporary rituals journeys that inhance shamanic (energy) healing. Through a variety of ritual structures each participant will examine the organic nature of our individual soul and how to energize the human spirit.

Who should attend the 7 Temples Retreat?

  Anyone interested in learning about contemporary shamanic ritual practices.
  Persons who want a deep and profound personal healing experience.
  Persons who wish to stimulate their own souls evolution.
  Individuals seeking a relaxing atmosphere that combines active ritual healing with relaxing time for sun, swimming and meeting interesting people.

What is the retreats objective?

The retreat's objective is to create an atmosphere where intellectual thought and deep shamanic experience happens simultaneously, thereby initiating profound transformation in the individuals involved.

What types of experiences should I expect in this retreat?

                  Ritual experiences will include:

Ritual Bonding Experience
       Evolving the Emotional Body

Ancestors Journey
Pathways to Forgiveness

Rites Of Passage
       The 12 Mystical Stages Of Your Spiritual & Physical Evolution

The Soul Hunting Ritual
       Rediscovering The Lost Pieces Of Self

The Faces Of Time Trance Meditation

Trance Dance Rituals
       Entering Your Body/Mind Consciousness

The 7 Temples Of The Soul Retreat is a shamanic journey. Over the period of 7 days you will explore the energetic, philosophical and cultural significance value of the shamanic approach to spirituality.

In this retreat you will explore the mechanics of how to transform intention into reality.

Beyond our physical form we humans also possess (simultaneously) an 'Energy Body' that is rooted in seven distinct points. These seven points are traditionally referred to as the 7 charka system. This spiritual body has distinct shamanic corelations. Where as most persons have explored their chakra system from a meditative perspective, the 7 Temples Of The Soul Retreat explores these spiritual centers from a PASSIONATE perspective. Passion allows us to fully experience the lesson each chakra is attempting to communicate.

"You cannot transcend anything you have not fully experienced"  Wilbert Alix

What this means is that we have7 points of view about anything. The illusion is that we have one. This explains why we remain stuck when confronting difficult life circumstances, unable to break away from that one point of view. Until we can see life from all seven points or perspectives SIMULTANEOUSLY we will find it difficult to evolve. This is why age (experience) can eventually guide us to a kind of wisdom that leads to maturity.

In the 7 Temples Of The Soul Retreat participants will journeying through one important life issue, but from all 7 energetic perspectives. You will utilize different neo (new) shamanic ritual journeys as a way of encountering the underlying experiences that culture typically restricts, thereby gaining a broader perspective on what your life is trying to teach you. The result of this journey will be a deeper trust in how our difficult life issues can only be answered from within. Each participants  experience will be unique and typically results in an fusion of your life soul and what your soul's purpose wants to communicate to you.


Wilbert Alix has earned international recognition as a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanism. A prominent figure in the emerging science of body-centered psychology his presentations are accentuated with intellectual depth and a unique insight into the relationships between traditional shamanic healing, progressive psychology and modern science.

For more than 30 years Wilbert has trained individuals on how to achieve greater self-esteem, to communicate more effectively, to transform stress and anxiety into positive energy and to transform goals into concrete results. In 1990 this program expanded into the mystical worlds of shamanism, organic healing and transformational music. CDs such as Shaman's Breath, Medicine Trance, Rites Of Passage and Spirit Animal were created to help facilitate Trance Dance as a viable tool for spiritual healing… and introduced thousands to the world of shamanic healing through movement.

Wilbert continues to explore the professional application of Trance Dance and other contemporary shamanic techniques as legitimate healing and therapeutic tools. He conducts annual trainings and retreats around the world. Wilbert frequently appears at professional conferences as well as teaching educational mind/body science programs to individuals and corporations.

Wilbert says of his workshops: “My intention is to bring into focus the enormously complex worlds of mysticism, psychology, shamanic spirituality, and science for the purpose of clear direction and achievement.”


Croatian Residents

€360 Early Bird Registration (by May 15)
€400 after May 15

Outside of Croatia

€460 Early Bird Registration (by May 15)
€500 after May 15

Retreat fees do not cover the cost of lodging & meals. Lodging/meals cost is listed below.



double bed room half-board is 54 euro per day
double bed room single use half-board is 81 euro
double bed room half-board 3.person on extra bed is 43.20 euro per day
Resident fee 1 euro per person per day



7:30am - 9:00am           Breakfast
9:00am - 12:00pm         Workshop morning program
12:00pm - 1:00pm         Lunch
1:00pm - 6:00pm           Free Time for relaxation, swimming and to explore Iz Island.
6:00pm - 7:30pm           Dinner
7:30pm - 10pm              Workshop evening session



Contact: Ana Penavic

phone: + 385 98 352 050

email: croatia@trancedance.com or ana.penavic@zg.t-com.hr


     1   Primal

     2 Passion

     3 Power

     4 Heart

     5 Voice

     6 Insight

7 Spirit