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Trance Dance Facilitator Training - Hawaii

                                 MAY 16-25, 2014



Meditation Point


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Start time: May 16 - 7:30PM
End time: May 25 - 12:00PM

The training fee does not include the cost for lodging and meals. Please click this ACCOMMODATIONS LINK to review lodging/meals package options and costs.

How to apply:

1. Send us a message requesting a Training Application/Questionnaire. You will receive a reply with the application attached.

2. Complete the application and return it to us my email. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a response regarding your admission into the training.

Fee: US$ 2000 (cost for training only). Accommodations extra.

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                  KALANI COMMUNITY STAFF                                                 TRAINING LOCATION

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Instruction in presenting a Community Trance Dance Ritual.

         Trance rhythms. How sound, rhythm and movement heals.

Exploring Trance Dance



The Trance Dance Training is located in a remote area of Hawai'i, far away from all tourism. Here nature abounds. Here are some picturs to give you a feeling of the area.