The end result of this exploritory process will be a more authentic you... closer to living your life from love and more capable of energizing the people and communities that you touch

Authentic Self Expression (Belgium)

Communication is our way of being in the world. Our communication reflects who we are and affects everything with touch... our career, your personal relationships, your ability to manifest health, wealth and abundance.

All of these elements of life are dramatically inpacted by how authentic we are
capable of being. Achieving authenticity is not a learned behavior but more like unlearning who you think you are.

Over our lifetime we retain many experiences both positive and negative. Eventually these experiences determine how we see the world... and how much of the world we are willing to allow into our life. Authenticity is a form of raw power... and when it's there everything else in your life works better. Living an authentic life is our most personal form of spiritual worship.

Develop the trust to express yourself authentically. Create a real world from a real you.

The MAR II Experience will guide you towards uncovering this power and teach you ways to best express your authentic self. This retreat program is based on a unique series of 'limit situations' specifically designed to reveal to you the deeper truths about yourself. The end result of this exploritory process will be a more authentic you... closer to living your life from love and more capable of Energizing the people and communities that you touch. Its about finding your heart and transforming old into new.

The Authentic Self Expression retreat is based on a series of 'LIMIT SITUATIONS'... meaning that each structure subtly moves participants beyond their current perceptions of personal & emotional power and how much of your power you are capable of trusting. This retreat is 'orchestrated' more than traditionally taught through didactic methods. Instead all experiential structures and exercises are connected to each other in non-cognitive (not analytical, not so obvious) ways. When woven together these experiences accomplish a depth of healing that comes from their collective nature, inducing TRANSFORMATION, which is what occurs when THOUGHT & EXPERIENCE HAPPEN SIMULTANEOUSLY.

MARCH 1-4, 2012

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte • Orval, Belgium
(The Farm of Bois-le-Comte)

Retreat Location
                                                                                               Workshop Space


€275 - when paid-in-full by Feb 16

€295 - after Feb 16

* This fee does not include lodging and meals. Please read below for lodging options and costs.

Payment methods:

1. Bank funds transfer
2. Pay Pal (for persons wanting to use a credit card)


Check-in begins 4PM on March 1. Check out is 11AM on March 4.
Accommodation pricing includes three (3) nights lodging plus 3 full meals per day.

3/4 Person Room - €141

Double Room - €171

Single Room - €201


Our kitchen follows the rhythm of the seasons. All meals are macrobiotic. Many vegetables come from our own organic garden and we prefer to use fresh and regional products.

All ingredients used in the meals have the Biogarantie label, which means that they are certified organic. This makes la Ferme du Bois-le-Comte the first (and so far the only) Belgian residence offering meals of 100% organic quality.

The meals themselves are basically vegan, no animal products are used in them. Milk and yoghurt are available at breakfast for those who want.



The Authentic Self Expression Retreat begins at 9AM on Friday, March 2. All participants MUST arrive to Orval on Thursday evening, March 1. There will be an introductory seminar on Thursday evening, March 1 at 8PM. 

Daily Session Times:

Morning Session: 9am-12pm
Afternoon Session: 1:30pm - 5pm
Evening session: 7:30pm - 10pm

The program will end on Sunday, March 4 at 5PM. There will not be an evening session on Sunday, March 4. 

Teacher: Wilbert Alix  


For bookings & information contact:
     Attn: Crystal

In Belgium contact:

Frans Van Herck 
tel. 0032 (0) 497/172452

Event, Retreat and Workshop Refund Policy
All events, workshops and retreats are non-refundable within fifteen (15) days of the scheduled event. A 25% cancellation fee applies to all cancellations made more than fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled event. There will be no cancellations accepted or refunds given after the event start date.