Living an authentic life is our most intimate form of spiritual worship.

Authentic Self-Expression • Portugal

        APRIL 3-6, 2014

Communication is our way of being in the world. Our communication reflects who we are and affects everything we touch... our career, personal relationships and our ability to manifest health, wealth and abundance. All of these elements of life are dramatically inpacted by how authentic we are capable of being.

Authenticity is spiritual clarity in motion...
...and when authenticity is present everything else in our life works better. Achieving authenticity is not a learned behavior but more like unlearning who you think you are. These transformed experiences open you to seeing a whole new world... raising your pleasure tolerance and increasing your capacity to allow love into your life.

Finding Spirit Through Our Emotional Body

"Much like my So
ul Hunting Ritual process that heals the soul by entering through our Spiritual Body, the Authentic Self Expression Retreat heals the soul by entering through our Emotional Body. The Authentic Self Expression Retreat is a profound transformational process and is the one that originally opened me to the depths of my own soul." - Wilbert Alix


Living an authentic life is our most intimate form of spiritual worship. - Wilbert Alix

The Authentic Self Expression Retreat is a community interaction process specifically designed to reveal to you many deeper truths about yourself. The end result of this exploritory process will be a more authentic you... closer to living your life from love and more capable of energizing the people and communities that you touch. Its about finding your heart and transforming darkness into light.

Who should attend the Authentic Self Expression Retreat?

  Persons seeking to cultivate the spiritual space within themselves that can produce meaningful and authentic results in the areas of work, relationships, art and other creative endeavors.

  Persons needing to heal their heart after a traumatic personal experience (examples: relationship difficulty, loss of a loved one, struggle with family or friends). 

  Persons recovering from any emotional setbacks. 

  Persons wanting to discover a new and more profound personal level of spiritual awareness.

"By far the most powerful program I have experienced, ever! I rediscovered my heart through this experience. I had no idea what my life was missing. I would recommend this retreat program to anyone who seeks a full life. What Wilbert teaches is just amazing!"

The Authentic Self Expression retreat is based on a series of Limit Situations... organized structures that subtly move participants beyond their current limits and directly into trusting more of our personal & emotional power. This retreat is 'orchestrated' more than traditionally taught through didactic methods. Instead, all experiential structures and exercises are connected to each other in non-cognitive ways. When woven together these experiences accomplish a depth of healing that comes from their collective nature, inducing expanded awareness and transformation, which is what occurs when thought & experience happens simultaneously.

In the Authentic Self Expression Retreat you will learn:

  How to merge Passion & Compassion

  How to Utilize Fear as a catalyst towards
   authentic communication.

  How to Utilize Silence as a method towards
    understanding others.

  Learn why Rejection is an Illusion.

  Why Freedom is a higher quality than Love.

  Conscious Love vs. Romantic Love.




 Wilbert Alix has earned international recognition as a contemporary healer and teacher of progressive psychology and neo-shamanism. A prominent figure in the emerging science of body-centered psychology his presentations are accentuated with intellectual depth and a unique insight into the relationships between progressive psychology, modern science and traditional shamanic healing.

For 40 years Wilbert Alix has explored the ethnology of world culture and it's impact on human evolution. His principle interests include cross cultural shamanism, entheogenics, brain/mind science and human sexuality. Wilbert has developed various body-centered ritual healing techniques including Trance Dance, Soul Hunting and the The Ancestors Journey. These ritual techniques explore the psychology of transformation, provoke alternative solutions to difficult life situations and reveal wisdom typically buried deep within the psyche' of humans.

Wilbert teaches experiential trainings and retreats on Trance Dance, Soul Hunting as well as on topics like Authenticity, Relationships, Honorable Sexuality, Rites Of Passage and more.

'My intention is to bring into focus the enormously complex worlds of mysticism, psychology, shamanic spirituality, and science for the purpose of clear direction and achievement'  Wilbert Alix

APRIL 3-6, 2014

                                                                     RETREAT LOCATION
                                                                                                         Lisbon, Portugal


START: Thursday, April 3 - 21.00 (9PM)
END: Sunday, April 6 - 17.00 (5PM)





€275 until March 27
€300 afrer March 27

A 10% (25€) deposit will hold your place.

  Accommodations cost is extra - SEE BELOW.               


Payment Options


Dormitory Accommodations/Shared Bath rate is 157€ per person.
Double Rooms/Private Bath
is for 235€ per person.

Includes 4 days - 3 nights lodging + 3 full meals per-day beginning with dinner on April 3, ending with lunch on April 6.



Lodging check-in time: Thursday, April 3 after 3PM (15.00).
Lodging check-out time: Sunday, April 6 by 1PM (13.00).




The kitchen at Quinta da Enxara follows the rhythm of the seasons. All meals are macrobiotic. We prefer to use
fresh and regional products.The meals themselves are basically vegan with occasional meals with fish.


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