What a weekend! I got so much out of it. I went in with very few expectations and was really impressed and pleased with how much I got out of the experience.


Julia Hill
  Seattle, Washington
I am still letting it all sink in. I am so glad I was guided to participate as I feel some further unpeeling of the onion happened for sure. I loved the dancing and the rituals Saturday were powerful and set up in a way that felt safe although challenging. Wilbert simply has an amazing presence, a powerhouse energy that is very appraochable at the same time.

Lillian Peppa   Athens, Greece
Had a great time , thanks Wilbert :)) Feel quite liberated after the wonderful workshop , thanks a ton.

Leithland Lyon   Toronto, Ontario
Thanks again for an awesome weekend at the Dynamic Mythology Retreat.  Something clearly happened for me particularly on Saturday night.  On parting Sunday evening, Laurie told me at the integration portion that I was larger than life, that I was glowing.  I do feel different since then.  I find that I am more forthright and assertive.

Christina Frei
   Stamford, Connecticut
And thank you for the powerful work you do.  On Monday, I had a BIG ole breakthrough around my dad, and I haven't been the same since. Suddenly, I can tell him "I love you" easily, and that has never really happened, ever.  And there's such joy and power in that.  It wouldn't have happened without your workshop.

Sophie Sleeckx   Antwerp, Belgium
It’s too big for words, but let me try anyway. My life has completely changed since our week end together in Vienna. Suddenly I understood (not only mentally, but with my whole body) that indeed it is not about what happens to you, but what you do about it. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt a victim and full of self pity, but I feel now like a new person: powerful and in charge of my own life. Moreover I have the feeling that some very traumatic experiences which dominated my life for the past twenty years, have been erased from my cell memory. No need to say all this feels very liberating!

Margie McSweeney  
Boulder, Colorado
As a drummer/dancer/healer I found the Trance Dance experience to be the perfect combination for the evolvement of my spirit and soul path. With the aide of the bandana, the darkness provided me with clearer vision and a deeper understanding of my own thought. Wilbert Alix has a beautiful way of teaching this process. His personal energy is intense and focused...filled with the spirit and yet gentle and able to connect one on one. I personally plan to seek more opprtunities to Trance Dance and someday become a facilitator for others.

Alan Herbert   Lower Lydbrook, United Kingdom
"The retreat last year still holds very strong in my heart and upon leaving the retreat I felt as close to being spiritualy enlightened as I have ever felt in my life."

Jeanne Allen   Boise, Idaho
Trance Dance was my first workshop experience with Wilbert Alix. It has become another form of meditation for me and is a big help in my spiritual growth. I have been Trance Dancing for about 2 1/2 years and the more I do, the more I feel that my spirit is growing and the more that I am healing. I do not always understand what I have experienced in each dance ritual, but I have begun to understand that I do not and will not always understand what goes on in my dance experiences...that they are helping me at a deeper level than I can comprehend. The only thing that I know about Trance Dance is that I feel better about myself and that I am continuing to grow through this spiritual experience.

Willi Messer   Vienna, Austria
Meine persönlichen Eindrücke und Erfahrungen, die Ich in diesem Workshop gessammelt habe: "Wäre ich ein Poet, würde ich Euch ein Bild malen dessen Motiv noch niemals zuvor gesehen wurde. Das Gemälde würde alle Töne dieser Welt umfassen, und die Farben dieser Erde würden sich vereinigen, im Rhythmus der Unendlichkeit!" So bleibt die Schwierigkeit, mit Worten zu beschreiben, wo Begrifflichkeiten längst an Bedeutung verloren..... But: Niemand ist alleine und Liebe ist überall; man springe beherzt über den Schatten und getraue sich sie zu leben.MU

Rihab Sawah   Columbia, Missouri
In my first Trance Dance experience my intention was to heal a herniated disk in my lower back, an injury I sustained in an automobile accident. After my Trance Dance (and Soul Hunting) journeys I noticed that the pain in my back had deminished significantly...in fact this disk has never ruptured again since. This was two and a half years ago!!! I learned that it is the EXPERIENCE, not the knowledge and understanding that was keeping me locked up in this pain. Trance Dance has changed my perception of the relationship between illness and healing.

Carolee Carson  Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Its been a couple of days and I'm still enjoying the benefits of the Dynamic Mythology Experience Retreat in Ontario (Canada). So much to learn and absorb! You are a fascinating teacher, a very engaging speaker. And the topic was totally captivating. Definitely left me with a desire for MORE!

Carlo Voli   Edmonds, Washington
What a weekend! I got so much out of it. I went in with very few expectations and was really impressed and pleased with how much I got out of the experience. I've done a lot of dancing in my life and I feel that I had some of my best and most liberating dances ever this last weekend. It was also an especially beautiful and wonderful weekend for me because it was the first time in my life that I got to participate in a powerful, life transforming experience together with a significant other. I've also gained a lot of healthy respect and liking for Wilbert after having heard him share so much of his life journey and experiences and his way of seeing and thinking about the world.

Claire Stuhr   Charleston, South Carolina
Many thanks from a transformed woman who had repeatedly deleted my OWN invitation because I was too busy...it wasn't my thing,... to inviting all the people I love to share the profound transformative experience of Trance Dance. I am so grateful to Lisa for explaining away my fears and inhibitions about wearing a bandana over our eyes. That got me to show up Thursday evening and there was no turning back from the journey after that ! Suffice it to say, thank you!

Heather Hargrave   Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
I can hardly sleep! My imagination is on HIGH SPEED! It's fantastic and a bit exhausting. I feel a lightness in my body and a clarity in my mind that is driving me through the universe in a fantastically fun way :D

Cheryl Brenman   Sedona, Arizona
A truly wonderful and profound love generating experience! I loved the music that facilitated amazing journeys.

Hillary Moore   Temecula, California
An amazing ride full of emotions that I have yet to fully understand. I feel healed and comfortable in my skin now. This is the start of my new life.

Phillip Hall   Oakwood, Georgia
It has been a confronting, loving, experiential, ass kicking time, that took me places I needed to go. I particularly liked the information about shamanism. I'll be in Hawaii for the graduate course.

David Mills
   Sedona, Arizona
I would like to thank you for such a transformative vision quest weekend; it truly touched us deeply and profoundly changed us at the core of our souls. I have a greater understanding of my shadow self and I am now in control over some issues in my life in which I have been struggling with for years, rather than the issues controlling me. Your combination of rituals and techniques has helped me regain my power and I now realize that it doesn't really matter where I walk to, just that I walk with an integrated self with purity of heart and clear, deliberate intention.

Jennifer Young   Sedona, Arizona
A 'walk' on the wilder side, a different portal into shamanic experience that triggered integration of my current path and exploration. This was my second Soul Hunt Ritual experience... quite a different experience that the first, opening my 'higher heart' or expanding my capacity for compassion.

Mary Anderson   Seattle, Washington
An elegant inner dance. I left the workshop awake, revived and open. Thank you!

Patricia Eschuk   Winnipeg, Canada
I experienced a depth and type of healing that I have never before experienced. It calls to my soul in a very primal way that my soul has been searching for. It's very me if that makes any sense.

Michael Wasmer
   Minturn, Colorado
Profound, life changing insights and experiences. I embraced my attachment and relationship with control AND with freedom and surrender. I deepened my relationship with my ancestors, to my lineage. I also received a deep and powerful hit on my mission & purpose for being here and for my life's work!! Thank you!

Patti Nelson   Sedona, Arizona
I don't do a lot of workshop's, etc. as I find I come out of them with not fully resonating with their work or intent however, I am glad I followed Spirit's guidance to be a part of your work. I truly resonated with all that you had to share in more ways then you will know. Thank you!