Anyone can Trance Dance because there are no steps. Spirit knows the steps and once awakened and embodied, the Spirit within will take over. There is great joy in rediscovering our Spirit dancing.


Hrvoje Vukosic (2005)

I started my transformation work with an Osho group in Zagreb, Croatia where I live. Soon after I began 5 rythms work with John Kelly. In 2004, met Wilbert and did a week-long Shamanic Retreat. I started organizing for Wilbert in Croatia, taking this work to my friends. One year later I went to Wilbert's Trance Dance Facilitator Training which expanded my awareness about shamanism.

I found working with Wilbert to be empowering for me and excellent for my soul-sun and my heart-beat. His work is always pulling me out of old life habits and giving me fresh new revitilizing power. Something in this is just right for me.

Recently I finished my Soulwork education, a systemic coaching based on Hawaiin Hunas tradition.