The purpose of communication is to change.

Creative Communication Workshop

Effective Communication
The Experience Of Being Understood

The purpose of the Effective Communications is:

1. To cultivate effective and creative communication.

2. To distinguish creative communication from ineffective communication which is the mass of words, explanations and arguments which is falsely called communication.

3. To transform the basis of your communication from reaction to creation.
4. To achieve a spontaneously expanding condition of communication which produces a natural chain reaction.
This chain reaction is Creative Communication.

When one achieves Creative Communication it results in harmony of diminishing effort, expanding understanding and increasing affinity in your relationships. Where there is effective communication there is the experience of completion, love and satisfaction.

This workshop's purpose if achieved in two phases:

1. Participants become clear about the fundamental errors which exist at the root of their attempts to understanding communication. In discovering these errors they locate the source of not being understood, the source of frustration and upset that often accompany their attempts of communicate.

2. The participants become clear about and experience creative communication; completing their experience of being capable of creating which began in the Results Course, which is a new matrix for communication.

After the Creative Communication Workshop, when any reactive limits to communication arise, the person is able to be aware of them in such a way that he/she breaks through to authentic communication. 

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