An ecstatic dance that connects you with your soul


Carol Piro (2005)

I am an active performing vocalist that thrives on teleporting listeners and bringing dancers to their feet. I was raised on vibrant family gatherings, with my father playing the accordion and relatives young and old either dancing or keeping rhythm with pots and wooden spoons. As a young child, I would dance to my inner rhythm in the living room when (I thought) no one was watching.

One of my favorite ways to enhance vitality is through hosting Trance Dance Rituals. Music and dance have permeated my life experience since childhood and as an adult.  In those first trance experiences, I completely let go and allowed Spirit to move me. There was a sense of real freedom then that I have now found can be recaptured through TranceDance Rituals today. Having trained with Wilbert Alix in 2005, it has been truly joyful to share this form of self-expression and inner journey through music and dance with others.

I have been studying, practicing and teaching healing arts therapies and human energy science since 1993. Throughout my years of study with spiritual teachers of a variety of disciplines, I've gathered tons of tips, tools and techniques that I love to share through healing facilitation and self-help education.
Through The Lotus Pod, Center for Creative Transformation I bring my therapeutic services and playshops to the Fairfield County, Connecticut region.