Spirituality unactualized is worthless


Anna-Lena 'Shama' Gustavsson

From a very early age I have been on a passionate quest to experience all that life has to offer. As a seeker of truth, and a connector of people, my adventures have taken me to nearly every corner of the earth. As a certified physical therapist and yoga teacher I have committed a great portion of my life to helping people heal themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My desire is to bring the richness of different world cultures into my workshops and into my everyday life.

Being born and raised in Sweden offered much comfort and security to me – but did not offer encouragement for adventure or taking risks.  At a very young age I chose a life that would allow me enriching experiences.  Since then I have received incredible blessings, including raising four amazing children into adults.

Trance Dance is a sacred ritual that offered a connection to the truth within me.  My role as a Trance Dance facilitator is to create a safe environment for all participants to explore their inner-world. Everyone has something burning inside that is connected to the freedom we felt when we are children... something we somehow forget as we grow into adults. Trance Dance has given me an outlet and a way to find that fire again, and many of my participants have expressed similar findings that have been deeply transformational to their lives."

I feel truly blessed to be able to offer The Trance Dance Experience. I feel a day lived with passion and purpose is a day well lived. Trance Dance has the power to helping any one find just that experience!