All histories are invisible histories, some are just more invisible than others.

Ancestors Walk™

 Pathways to Forgiveness


1. To explore the life flow as transformational, absent of form.

2. To experience birth and death as "time definitions" we give the life flow.

3. To put in perspective and discover the purpose of this lifetime.

4. To accept that there is nothing you can do to stop the evolution of 'your' consciousness.

5. To know that 'your consciousness' may enter any Space/Time/Location - past, present and future, and Experience those locations.

6. To reveal Breath as the physical form of life.

7. To reveal Love as the emotional form of life.

8. To realize that you are consciousness (Thought) itself.

Perhaps the 'self' we seek is not one self but rather a deeper, collective 'evolutionary self'... an organic wisdom which appears when we atone and thereby embody the spiritual lives of our ancestors.

Shamanic spirituality is rooted in the belief that the soul is eternal and never dies. Therefore, ancestors are the historical manifestations of our eternally evolving soul. Ancestors make up the very fiber that constitutes what we call wisdom.    
  Shamanism's view is that spirit and ancestors are synonymous... one and the same, our organic connection bound together by a timeless line of reincarnations that govern all aspects of nature. Somewhere within the evolution of western culture we lost appreciation for the importance of these genetic, organic connections. We walked away from our relationship to ancestral wisdom.

   Instead, humanity began to embrace various forms of religion simply because what religion promises is life beyond death. Meanwhile, in this lifetime we frequently feel spiritually fragmented and incomplete. Believing in a future concept of spirit has slowly eroded our capacity to detect wisdom... and re-establishing our capacity to cultivate deep wisdom seems to be directly linked to personally re-experiencing our ancestral evolution.

We forgive people in death in ways we could not in life. The wisdom we receive from our ancestors is the wisdom of forgiveness. This message is to forgive others in these ways while we are living.

DNA research continues to validate these physical connections we have to each other. It suggests a relatedness between all human beings, a common genetic code within everyone. 

   The Ancestors Walk™ is a contemporary trance ritual that facilitates a cognitive reconnection to these genetic and ancestral links. By utilizing an innovative technique titled Whole-Track Evolutionary Recall© participants will 'walk' their particular genetic path... encountering buried aspects of their ancestral story and revealing a deeper understanding of how evolution can answer important life questions. The result is an enhanced capacity to channel ancestral wisdom into everyday life.

© Wilbert Alix

Dancing With The Dead • Death As Celebration

A New Orleans Jazz Funeral filmed in the Treme neighborhood of my youth. This ritual had a strong impact on my perceptions of the relationship between the living and the dead. It is a contemporary example of
communicating with an ancestor through
rhythm, dance and celebration.

Pay particular attention to what happens beginning in minute 3 of the film.

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