I was floating in liquid darkness, no gravity, no light, no time...nothing. From this place the sounds of my heart sang a simple truth, beating a pathway to my soul.

Alma de Aqua™

Soul Hunting In Liquid Sound

Sound, light and water are media which have helped uncover deep stories of the evolution of the human soul since the beginning of time. Combined seamlessly into one, these three non-linear environments now merge into a single new element called Liquid Sound - a powerful place of womb-like qualities. Drifting in warm saline water, we are immersed in sound both above and below the surface. The Liquid Sound environment provides a compelling atmosphere for the aquatic healing ritual Alma de Aqua (Soul Hunting in Water), a contemporary shamanic healing ritual developed by Wilbert Alix.
The Soul Hunting Ritual stimulates spiritual evolution by creating compelling moments where the human psyche can enter into a non-linear (shadow) world where time and space disappear. In this guided process, participants can reconnect with pieces of the self that are lost through encounters with power. Extreme environmental, mental, physical, emotional and sexual traumas are conditions where humans lose pieces of themselves. Both Soul Hunting and the Alma de Aqua Ritual processes transport participants on a healing journey into the underlying spirit world that lives deep within us all. According to shamanic lore, this "shadow world" is the place where damaged pieces of our soul retreat when overwhelmed by trauma. Alma de Aqua is an aquatic/sound ritual process designed to "energize" these lost soul parts - thus making it possible to deeply reawaken our life force and heal life circumstances related to these damaged pieces of the self.

Sound is an important aspect of Soul Hunting. Shamanic cultures around the world have utilized repetitive, driving acoustic drumming as a vehicle to transport themselves into the deeper, dark world of the unconscious, and Soul Hunting participants are carried along by the same ancient rhythms. The Liquid Sound environment enhances these journeys while adding the dimension of non-gravitational relaxation - a nuturing environment where typically difficult areas of the mind are easier to access. Soul Hunting is typically a dry land process that promotes the healing of fragmented pieces of our psyche; when combined with the seamless environment of Liquid Sound, the Alma De Aqua Ritual experience takes on new depths. The Liquid Sound environment replicates light, temperature and sound conditions of the womb, thereby providing the possibility of reaching deeper into the human mind, heart and SOUL and stimulating profound healing and transformation.