Through Trance Dancing we alter our consciousness and enter non-ordinary reality or what I call, ‘the World of Spirit’, that world beyond time and space where everything is possible


Rita Carnevale (2001)

Dance has always been there as a way to move through my life. It speaks for me when I cannot find the words. It gracefully accompanies the changes I cannot see what is ahead. It fulfills my hunger and the meal is forgotten, it inspires a melody in the middle of a forest, it conjures up the scent of flowers in a second floor studio, it partners with the waves on a long winding beach, it quenches the anguish of a melancholy moment. It floated me through divorce, collaborated with my single parenting, held my hand and swung me around when I was afraid, dipped me when I was full of responsibility and dropped me to the ground when I was too serious.

As a child it was my secret language when I couldn’t communicate or there was no one to listen. As an adult it has been almost like a lover; always there no matter what or who was not. It has enabled answers to deep questions, and brought me fulfillment and pure moments of ecstasy in that single synchronistic moment of oneness. I live for that moment.

I have enjoyed many different styles through the years and found Afro-Cuban dance through an exhilarating progression of African traditions. I have also spent 30 years getting to understand healing ways through massage, body cleansing attitudes and energy work. This naturally lead me to ancient Andean Shamanic paths . Here I found Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. These teachings provide me with answers first to heal myself and provide others a Sacred Space to illuminate their Soul Essence.
When I participated in the Trance Dance Facilitator Training lead by Wilbert Alix on the Big Island of Hawaii back in 2001, I realized an ecstatic culmination of heart stirring . In those minutes and days at Kalani Honua (in Hawaiian means where Heaven meets the Earth), I found a vehicle to express my innermost self in each precious present moment. It was thrilling exploring the deep uncharted parts of my being, swirling through the colors of my chakras, expanding to more and more of who I Am.

I will never forget the night we did the Soul Hunt & Trance Dance rituals. An owl came to me as an animal ally to assist me on a safe journey. I summoned up a past wound. Tears erupted from my eyes. I had done so much personal work around this issue, yet I never DANCED it! I felt the power of Embodying; of how the dance can seek out the stuck, the guilty, the unresolved, the unloved and, with awareness, move them to a place of acceptance, wholeness, and love. As I poured myself in the car and made my way home that night, I was greeted by a huge barn owl on the side of the road. Thank you my friend.

I have facilitated Trance Dances in Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Omega Institute in New York, and now back in my hometown in Ohio, have an amazing band to accompany them. The 7th House Moon Band is directed by my partner Marcus Janoski on guitar, synthesizers and sound, Ben Nagel on crystal bowls, synthesizer and gong, and his wife Jo Nagel on crystal bowls and percussion. Their evocative multi-genre fusion music succinctly engages the participants in a panorama of rhythms to journey through the recesses of their body mind and soul; coming home to the soul essence, Dancing the Dream Awake to realize their Divine Destiny of Grace.

It is with profound thanks, gratitude and respect to Wilbert, Alberto, and all my teachers, that I carry on these traditions with integrity.

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